Hongxin Machinery

Videojet 410 V410-D Ink Chips


Hongxin Machinery supply you ink cartridge  ,make up for  videojet 1210 1220 1510 1610 170I 1330 ect inkjet printer .

Hongxin Machinery supply you  smart chips  for : V705-D,Videojet 1000 sereis cartridge. ... inks:V401-D、V410-D、V411-D、V435-D、V437-D、V490-D、V812-D、V521-D、410A-D


Videojet Ink Jet Consumables ,Videojet 1000 series cartridge,1210, 1220, 1510, 1520, 1610, 1620.750 ml cartridges (inks,make-up) with methyl-ethyl ketone base with smart chip inks:V401-D、V410-D、V411-D、V435-D、V437-D、V490-D、V812-D、V521-D、410A-Dmakeups:V701-D、V705-D、V706-D、V708-D、V709-D、V710-D、V711-D、V714-D、V720-D,V816-D、V512-D、V705A-D


MOQ : 20pcs ,

EXP : 2 years

Quality Guarantee:one year 

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