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Linx inkjet printer 6900 keyboards

Linx inkjet  printer 6900 keyboards

Linx inkjet  printer 6900 keyboards,linx 6900 keypads,Linx 6900 membrane

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How to use ?

Using a different keyboard

6900 inkjet printer inkjet printer equipped with a keyboard, depending on the country or region. 6900 inkjet printer allows you to use the following keyboard: • Europe • Japanese • Greek • Russian • Simplified Chinese • Traditional Chinese • Korean subsequent versions will allow you to use the following keyboard: • Hebrew • Arabic • Persian

You can set the language used in inkjet printer default settings, configure the keyboard type, and change keyboard options


2.1.1 Language

To set the language option, first make sure inkjet printer is not in 'is printing' state. Select Display a list of available language options, and then press the OK button to return to the configuration page.

2.1.2 Using language default settings

If this option is set to 'yes', then the units, calendars and keyboard option is unavailable. This three options are set to default values ​​correspond to the selected language.

Note: "How to Change System Settings" in the units and calendar options description. If you use the default settings for the language option is set to 'No', you can change the units, calendars and keyboard options. You can select a language with inkjet printer
Options different keyboard options. If you change the keyboard, you can create data in one language, with the other
Languages ​​show inkjet printer pages.

For example, you can set keyboard options set to Japanese, but the language option is set to English. When you use this option combination, information display and printing are all in Japanese, but English is used in inkjet printer display.

2.1.3 Keyboard

Installation engineer at the factory has keyboard option is set to match the hardware keyboard options. You usually do not change this option, but the inkjet printer inkjet printer to use software allows you to change the keyboard.

For example, you can use this option to select appear in the other characters on the keyboard. If the assembly is Europe's keyboard, but
Keyboard option is set to Japanese, when you press a key, the keyboard generates Japanese characters.


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